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Just a little nuts
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

99.57% Mainstream!

Except for once a month to check in with the school speech therapist, there are no other pull outs. Social group was 4 days a week but it will now be a 15 minute in-class one on one session. The wording here was "inclusive approach" of course. 

I do get it. She's too good at therapy. She quickly learns the target response or reaction, but it doesn't carry over to real life scenarios. This is why we get discharged from private therapies so quickly. 

Now, this all sounds great. And I'm so glad that she does so great in school and it's not a reverse situation of being perfect at home and awful at school......but seriously! It makes me wonder if I'm imagining all the trouble we have in "real life" outside of school, and leads me into a false sense of security to believe she's perfectly normal and typical. This just makes the inevitable let downs so much farther to fall. 

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