Just a little nuts

Just a little nuts
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Friday, April 24, 2015

Locked out

Got locked out and it was another reminder that we are all alone in this. I couldn't think of who to call and of course my phone was locked inside too and I don't know any phone numbers. I went to the elderly neighbors across the street and used their AOL to look up my landlord's phone number to call and beg her to come unlock the door, and also to look up LS's music teacher's phone number and leave a message that we weren't coming.

The neighbors are very sweet and if angels smoke like chimneys then they are angels.

They put on a movie for LS to watch. At one point the grandpa neighbor made a comment on the movie, asking LS if she saw the funny part....to which LS did not even look at him and just said flatly, "I can't hear." (She hates it when people talk around her, and especially if she's watching something--though it's fine if she is the one talking and the one wandering off not even paying attention to the movie or show).

I was HOPING he didn't catch what she said and how rude it was. I whispered to her, "You need to be polite."

And I know that I won't bother explaining to them that she has autism because they won't get it.

This is just another example of what our autism looks like.