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Just a little nuts
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Friday, January 9, 2015

That is soooo last year

The principal walked LS out after school yesterday. Not a good sign. Turned out to be not a huge deal. I was expecting something really serious. But it was just that LS got upset in class about a disagreement with another student, then laid down kicking and screaming. Meh. Been there, done that. I just thought we were done with that by now. That is soooo last year. So 1st grade. What it took to bring that on was understandable: teacher went home sick midday and there was a sub principal too. Both the classroom sub and sub principal were helping out in LS's class in the afternoon. LS needs adults to help her problem solve, especially adults she trusts on a daily basis. Sudden change is hard. And all hell can break loose. Which it did.

What really bugs me is no matter what LS does, my concerns are completely blown off and disregarded by anyone I tell. "Oh, she's just creative." "Oh, she's just so smart." "Oh, we just love her." "Oh, she's just asserting herself."

Oh, come on!

Because it's like that, until it's not and then I'm suddenly looked upon like, "You need to do something about your kid."

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