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Monday, January 5, 2015

holiday recap

Night and day. On and off. Flip of a switch.

Saturday so mellow and "present" and reasonable. Going out of her way to be helpful and enjoying "being good." We had a calm and successful time building her Minecraft lego village together.

Then came Sunday with no self-control and outbursts and yelling and whining and crying and frantic behavior.

So unpredictable.

The triggers are pretty clear: other people. Specifically, other kids.

At Sunday School: Panicking, frantic reactions if she has to wait her turn to speak in a group. Goes berserk if anyone makes a comment that she claims was what she wanted to say. Flips out if another child wants to say something to the teacher when LS believes she has the floor (which is always). I was on desk duty near the kid's classes at church that day so I could hear LS's outbursts, averaging about every 2 minutes. Even with the reminders that we'd go to the library to play Minecraft if she was good, she just couldn't pull it off.

Minecraft is a trigger too because it's the current intense obsession. The peak of the intense interests seem to correspond with the worst behavior problems.

Lately she's frantic and consumed with her "Minecraft time" which she gets after school and after homework. She is also frantic and consumed by the red light on the tablet because it doesn't charge well and if it doesn't charge enough then that means her "night time" music on it won't play all night, which sends her into a full panic. Even though it's not a big deal because we can just plug it in by her bed....

Today there was no Minecraft time because she came at me after school crying and sobbing and wailing, claiming her friend was mean and spit at her. I saw this friend and asked what happened and the friend said that LS had said, "My dad will smack you" or something like that. LS had left out that part of course.

LS lies.

Just flat out lies.

So I never know what to believe.

At work all day I didn't feel stressed out at all, even though I was multitasking and busy. But the second I picked up LS my blood pressure was up and I was instantly so stressed and upset by her crying and sobbing and because I wanted to go inside to look for her lunch box she was demanding, "Will it waste my Minecraft time?!" repetitively and with increasing frenzy.

So the new rule is that if she comes out of school upset like that, then no Minecraft. And if she asks, "Will it waste my Minecraft time?", then no Minecraft time.

Winter break was long. So long. And we had to go to two different daycare sites due to low enrollment issues. That didn't help. The staff reported LS had a hard time with her emotions and with other kids.

She does okay at home when it's just us. But then she zones out playing Minecraft or watching it on youtube, and at least she's quiet, but I know it's not good for her to have so much screen time.

But if she's not playing Minecraft or watching it on youtube then she's following me around doing the monkey or squirrel perseveration that goes like (lately it's the monkey):

"The monkey wants a banana."
"The monkeys are staring at you."
"You are living with a monkey for the rest of your life."
"Look at this monkey." (demanding I look at her)
"Two little monkeys sitting in a tree, KISSING, first comes love..." (and the whole bit, over and over)

And during all of it she makes a monkey face and loud jungle sounds and pretends to climb the walls and I can't get through to her. She just goes into character and she's gone and I am sharing the house with a lunatic. That's what it's like in the mornings before school because there's no Minecraft weekday mornings.

So yeah, that's why I let her play Minecraft so much, for the quiet
and for my sanity.

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