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Just a little nuts
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hide and Seek

I was reading an article about social skills games, and it was really a pretty stupid article (one of those "content" articles hidden on a page of ads) but it gave me a particular light bulb moment when talking about hide and seek as a social skills game involving taking turns and other perspectives. Then it hit me. That's why LS usually will hide in the same place over and over, because she doesn't consider the other perspective, that the other players will probably find her easily if she hides in the same place every time. This realization was particularly amusing when I remembered just yesterday during a playdate with another 7 year old PDD child, when they played half a dozen rounds of hide and seek, each hiding in the same spot under the stairs every time. At the time I didn't get it and was like, "You guys, you're just going to hide in the same place every time? Really???" I couldn't understand how that would be fun. But it sure was to them. If considering the other person's point of view doesn't factor in, then it WAS logically the best place to hide and they could play it over and over the same way with fresh suspense and intrigue on each round.

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