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Just a little nuts
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Piano recital

LS had a piano recital Sunday afternoon. Though it was a casual open house style recital I still wasn't able to get video of her playing her songs because it all happened so fast. Literally. She pretty much just barged into the room of quietly seated guests and announced she was next up to play. Luckily she at least let the boy who was already at the piano finish before she plopped down and started playing, without even taking a breath or waiting for her teacher to finish introducing her.

She played the pieces very well and even did an encore. There was applause, and laughter (the laughter due to her lack of hesitation to get up there and have her turn). Unfortunately, any kind of attention can cause things to take a turn for the weird...and they did. The next step toward the weird was LS marching around in the middle of the room shaking the jingle bells and yelling "everybody shake it!" That's okay. It was festive. And gained more laughter. But then it devolved to her going up to the piano again in between sets, banging a nonsense chord and yelling "goose in the toilet!"  I took her out of the room after that but then she escaped and ran back in, running around with the jingle bells yelling "everyone shake your tummies!" That was our cue to leave before things got worse, and she had already attracted the "I wonder what's wrong with her" looks. So we said goodbye to her teacher and left. Overall it was a success. She didn't pull up her dress and show her underwear during the bow like last year. And no one was hurt. 

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