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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bloody math

The little twerp of an autism dr we visit just once a year, who doesn't even have kids, was actually scolding me about letting LS play and watch Minecraft. Meanwhile, he doesn't even know what Minecraft is.

"But what about the violence???" He lisped dramatically.

I tried to explain the game and that killing isn't really the objective. I didn't bother explaining the creative mode, the building, the fact that it helps her have something in common to talk about with other kids, that other kids are more tolerant of her behavior when they have something in common, etc.

Explaining the Stampy Cat Youtube channel was even harder--why I let her watch videos obsessively, videos of someone else playing Minecraft...

He gave a scolding, warning look and proceeded with the yearly evaluation of academics. After the reading and spelling evaluation, he gave LS the math worksheet.

"Oh, bloody math," LS muttered.

He turned to me with wide eyes, "Did she just say 'bloody' math???"

"Well yeah," I admitted. "That comes from watching Stampy Cat. He's british..."

"See...." he shooked his head shamefully. "They repeat what they hear...."

Of course I didn't tell him that Stampy actually used worse language in earlier videos, before he realized his audience was mostly kids. There was the day LS stumbled across one of these earlier videos and thankfully was fully immersed in building something in creative mode, while the video was chromecasting to the tv, so she didn't hear Stampy say "fucktard penis head."

Yep, that made my head whip around. For sure.

At least LS didn't say THAT at the dr appointment. Even though that would be the best place, of all places, to say it.

Maybe next time... : )

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