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Just a little nuts
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

It manifests in Minecraft

Last year Little Squirrel had cognitive testing. She scored well above average overall, after averaging out her extreme high scores and low scores within same categories, which is where the "atypical" features of autism come into play. Her highest score was in the spatial category on the "copying" task where she was tasked with replicating block patterns after just a few seconds to view the model. She scored 99.5%. I asked her psychiatrist what this could mean about how her brain works, since I'm always hoping for a glimpse. But just like every other useless specialist we've encountered over the years, he said mostly nothing, except to say, "Well, she has a gift." Yes, duh. No one should score that high on an evaluation. A test, yes. Evaluation, no. So ever then since I've been wondering how this "gift" might ever manifest outside of the evaluation.

Then the Minecraft obsession began. Cue block-model-copying gift. It's the perfect utilization.

She is obsessed with Mr. Stampy Cat videos on YouTube, then I noticed she is now building exact replicas of parts of his worlds. Example: She sees his bank with a pig in it; she builds one just like it. She sees his "doggy hockey rink"; she builds one just like it. But what would take me an hour, she does in 5-10 minutes. And they are exact replicas, without referring back to Mr. Stampy Cat's models.

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