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Just a little nuts
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Context makes a big difference

The world is confusing without context. If all the pieces don't fit together. I get glimpses into Little Squirrel's mind sometimes like two from today, which are more examples of her absence of context.

We were driving, waiting at a light and she looked out the window and saw a black plastic garbage on the ground. The bag was moving slightly. "Look, there's something moving inside that bag. I think it's a dog." But what she didn't process was the rest of the scene. That the tree branches near the bag were also moving. That the man's hair, who was sitting beside the bag, was also moving. And everything else in the scene that could be moved by a breeze was moving. But Little Squirrel didn't see any of those other parts in order to make the generalization that the wind was moving the bag. She only saw the bag. And that it was moving.

The next example happens more often than just today. Everytime she plays Mario Kart wii and one of the characters says, "I hate losing!" and she always thinks he says, "I hate music!" which doesn't make any sense in the context of a race and the finish line and winners and LOSERS.