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Just a little nuts
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

What kind of kid gets put on probation at the Boys & Girls Club?

My kid, that's who! Yep, that's how bad ass we are. Don't mess with us. We are dangerous!
I had to sign a form about her "offenses," which basically consisted of typical Little Squirrel behavior: doesn't follow directions, disruptive, can't stay seated, can't stop talking, etc.
What makes me mad is Boys & Girls Club are staffed by just a bunch of DUHHhhhhh teenagers who go around with these fake smiles and otherwise vacant, uncaring expressions and no training or understanding of autism or ADHD, so they just think my kid is a brat and I'm using autism/ADHD as an excuse for her behavior. They have no idea the years of therapy and that I've been on top of this since she was 3. I'm not just some clueless parent in denial about my kid's behavior. I KNOW! OKAY! I KNOW!
It's really depressing when after all we've been through and how far she's progressed, that I have to be singled out by a staff member every single time I pick her up to tell me she was bad.
SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW SHE'S BEING BAD! She can't even process half of what people say. And she really can't stop moving her body or talking. She just can't.
But her survival skills are so fierce and she is so damn brilliant and gifted that she has learned to fit in JUST ENOUGH to seem, at a glance, like just a typical hyper, bratty kid.
And I just started a full time job. And I'm a single parent with 100% custody.
So it's going to be fun trying to find daycare at this point in the summer, since there's no way she'll be able to uphold this "behavior contract" they made us sign.

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