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Just a little nuts
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Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Boys & Girls Club situation...

I talked to the Director, and she was unaware of Little Squirrel's diagnoses (autism AND adhd) even though it is stated plainly on our application and I have told every staff member who has reported behavior problems to me. But for some reason they don't share the information with each other, have no training about autism spectrum disorder, don't know anything about autism, etc. So all summer they have been punishing her for behaviors she can't control and taking away her privileges, then failing to protect her in areas where she is vulnerable--such as when kids find it amusing to tell her to do things to humiliate herself and she'll do it because she likes the attention, doesn't know the difference between laughing with you vs. laughing at you, doesn't feel shame or embarrassment, is desperate to please and make friends, etc.

I am just angry. Angry.

But she will finish the summer there--just another week, then I'll sign her up for after school daycare, which will cost me hundreds of dollars per month vs. Boys & Girls Club which is FREE (free for after school with $30/yr membership). But, you get what you pay for and clearly Boys & Girls Club just doesn't have the training or capability to handle autism, which is really unfair to exclude autistic kids from being able to participate in what this program has to offer other kids.

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