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Just a little nuts
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Monday, August 11, 2014

Special needs daycare?

What bugs me most about the Boys & Girls Club is the lack of compassion toward my daughter and toward me trying to deal with the situation. They just have a robotic, ice cold, fake smile attitude toward every kid and parent.

Today was the last day. I got a call at work that she "choked" a kid. I really doubt it was that extreme. Seriously. It seems what happened is that some boys were playing rough and knocked her down. She thought it was on purpose so she came up fighting mad. At least she can protect herself. There are some rough kids there. But since this was her 2nd "offense" the punishment is suspension. So I had to leave work, cancel my orientation training scheduled for the next 2 days at my new job, and spend the afternoon in 97 degree heat (we don't have a/c) making calls trying to find emergency daycare for the last few weeks of summer.

Found it. And it will cost me $180/wk. AND they have field trips once a week that Little Squirrel can't participate in because oh, I don't know, MOVIES and ROLLERSKATING are pretty much hell for her, so instead of having alternatives to the field trips, they suggest I just don't bring her those days, and still pay they $180/wk of course. If it was that easy to just NOT bring her on random days then why the fuck would I be looking for daycare so frantically???

Seriously....what are parents of special needs kids supposed to do for daycare??? And SINGLE parents especially. I don't have a coparent to help and no family to lean heavily on.

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