Just a little nuts

Just a little nuts
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Maiming and Dismemberment

This is just a snapshot of the at least once a day close calls with serious injury we have:

Saturday: Failure in the impulse control department when she grabbed my coffee the barista just set down, and grabbed very enthusiastically so that it splashed all over her face and body. Luckily I had a second thought when I ordered and had said, "Tall Americano, room for half inch of cold soy...actually make it an inch." So that was a fun near emergency at the mall.

Sunday: Another failure in the impulse control department occurred when she found the plastic loop from a tag still embedded in her My Little Pony purse and decided to see what would happen if she put her finger in the loop and then spun the purse in circles while hanging from her finger in the loop, tighter and tighter til her finger turned blue and the tiny plastic loop was all wound up and stuck on itself. So that was a fun near emergency at the park.

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