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Monday, July 28, 2014

Slow processing, not ear infection

Little Squirrel tells everyone she has an ear infection and that's why she has a hard time keeping up with what they are saying or doesn't hear them at all. It's a combo of her autism (the slow auditory processing) and the ADHD (inability to tune in and focus). I tried to explain it to her as a computer that is stuck on the "loading" screen. And assured her it's not her fault.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Are they laughing with you or at you?

Autistic people really can't tell. Little Squirrel desperately wants everyone to like her and pay attention to her so to get that friendship (or what she thinks is friendship) she will do whatever they ask, and this means making a fool of herself. And then they laugh, and she laughs. But she doesn't know they are laughing AT her, or even what that means, or that it's different than just plain laughing.

This is happening at the Boys & Girls Club this summer. It could have even been happening last year at school. When I arrived to pick her up one day when they were playing outside, Little Squirrel was with a group of girls, some were older, and they were directing her to go do something across the field. She looked hesitant but appeared to be headed to carry out the orders. I got there before she completed the task and when I asked her what they were doing she said they told her to go kiss a boy. I reported this to the staff but not sure what was done if anything. Then I heard from Little Squirrel's best friend who attends the club part of the week that this happens often.

I can't keep her in a bubble. I can't change the behavior of every other kid in the world. What I can do is try to give Little Squirrel better armor against the bullying. This could mean telling her about the autism. The problem is, when someone can't imagine the perspective of others, they can't very well understand how they themselves are different when the differences are something she can't see or imagine.