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Just a little nuts
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Principal's office

Usually the steps to handling Little Squirrel at school involve a series of "warnings" then "resets" then "thinking spot" then "Mr. PJ" in the intervention room ("He's a nice guy. He solves problems." - Little Squirrel). Yesterday there was an event involving Little Squirrel and the mean girl that involved spitting at each other during free time and screaming I HATE YOU. They were both sent to the principal's office.

Little Squirrel says it's because the mean girl didn't cheer for her when it was her turn to do something, but she cheered for A. and another one of their friends. Turns out, it wasn't even a cheering situation. What they were doing didn't require cheering and the mean girl was just doing it to annoy Little Squirrel. It worked.

So Little Squirrel learned how to handle one very specific tool the mean girl uses: the constant taunting "I'm not your friend" all day long. But now that the mean girl has seen this doesn't work anymore to make Little Squirrel explode, she is using different approaches.

Little Squirrel is a bottom up thinker. She can't generalize a strategy to include any kind of bullying or mean behavior. It has to be a specific scenario. We can't possibly imagine all the possible scenarios so I guess all we can do is just keep creating responses for the specific ones that come up, over and over and over and over--and maybe someday a generalized understanding will be achieved.