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Just a little nuts
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

So long, MyAutismTeam.com

I had to get the heck out of there! Actually I'm not out yet. Turns out you can't delete a profile without emailing and asking them to do it. It's even worse than Facebook.

Why am I leaving? Simply because I can't keep their "Remember the golden rule policy" because people are just so damn stupid and annoying. Sorry. No, I'm not sorry. It's just true. I run on empty with patience on a daily basis and the last thing I need is EVERY single post I make to have some dolt idiot pop up making the most obvious "suggestions," when I my post did not even solicit suggestions. I could say, "Gosh I'm so sick of the rain." And some moron would pipe up and say, "Have you tried an umbrella?"


"Have you tried a rice bucket?" [no, I just arrived here from another planet]

"Maybe you should just tell her to just ignore those mean girls." [gee! That sounds so simple. I should have tried that FIRST!]

"Sounds like she needs a confidence boost. Take her to the zoo and let her tell you about the animals." [Again, what was I thinking! Of course, a simple trip to the zoo will cure major depressive disorder.]

"Can you structure your weekend with a schedule and free acitivities?" [Lady, puh-leaze...I am the Master of schedules and structure.]

"Have you tried hiding fruit and veggies in a smoothie? My kids drink kale brussel sprout turnip eggplant smoothies while they get liver and onion enemas -- and they can't even tell!" [okay that's an exaggeration but it's pretty damn close to the crap I've heard]

"There are other pressure vests/shorts for a lot less, only $19-59. I'm not sure why the inflatable ones are so much more..." [Because they are INFLATABLE! They PUMP UP! It involves more complex technology than just neoprene and velcro. That's why it's $350! GAH!]

I. just. can't. take. it. anymore!

MyAutismTeam.com was a great idea at first, but like most everything, people ruined it.

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