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Monday, May 26, 2014

Eating and watching/Eating and drawing

The latest annoying quirk: Little Squirrel has convinced herself that she cannot tolerate "just eating." She insists to be watching something or drawing/coloring while she's eating. It's gotten so bad that whenever she even hears the word "eat" or "eating," even if it has nothing to do with her, she has to interrupt and insert "and draw" or "and drawing." Then she goes on to remind those around: because I don't like to JUST EAT.

Yes! We know! ugh! (my response usually goes something like that)

It's gotten so bad that she is now anxious about all eating events of the day that may happen, to the point she can't enjoy fun activities. For instance, today I told her we're going to the fair. Instead of just being happy about going to the fair, she interrogated me about whether or not we would eat there and if we do eat there then what can she do while she's eating, and then after the fair will we be having dinner at home, and if we have dinner at home can she watch something while she's eating...

I gave in about letting her watch tv (usually something short on Netflix like an episode of Curious George) while she eats awhile back after I tried to make a rule about no watching and eating. I told her she can draw or color or do homework or write in her journal or do activity books, etc while eating. And this is how that went during the meal:

Little Squirrel: Can you hear something?
Me: No
Little Squirrel: Now can you hear it?
She writes really hard with the pencil or pen so it makes a terrible scratching sound that is hard to ignore.
Me: Yes, can you stop it?
Little Squirrel: But I'm eating and drawing. Not just eating.

Basically, she wants me to HEAR and to be aware for the entire time that she is drawing and eating, not just eating, god forbid.

God help me, seriously...