Just a little nuts

Just a little nuts
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Little glimpses into her mind

Little glimpses into Little Squirrel's mind: earlier this week she revealed that she can't stop picking at her shoe while everyone else is listening to the teacher; then Friday she said she's glad she's not picking her shoe anymore but now she sings the "let the flowers grow" song instead, while everyone else is listening to the teacher. She exclaimed how annoying it is that she sings that song and it's not even her favorite part of the song that she sings. I asked how she knows the song--if she heard it somewhere or made it up--and she says she made it up. Very interesting information. I'll be bringing it up next week at our Special Services review with the school psychologist & Little Squirrel's teacher & staff. Also, I read Little Squirrel a paragraph from the Autism Survival Guide book that talks about repeating words/phrases and how it's like a brain hiccup. She seemed to understand, but hard to tell.

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