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Just a little nuts
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Math gaps

Some math logic problems here: Little Squirrel can solve 9+1=? but she can't solve 9+?=10 (and I almost pulled ALL my hair out trying to get her to say 1--seriously!). Then she told me just now that "2 and 2 and 2 and 2 is 8." So, WTH! We have a meeting with her teacher today to work on some math concepts.

Math meeting went well. I've always prayed for God to lead me to what Little Squirrel needs, and she really does have the best kindergarten teacher around. The woman is like a seasoned war horse, and though she's probably not more than 10 years older than me, I still call her Mrs., not by her first name. She's like a drill sergeant but for kindergarteners, yet they LIKE her and respect her. I believe this even more now because of Little Squirrel's exceptionally good behavior today while in the hall waiting for the meeting and also during the meeting. She was perfectly calm, docile, hands folded. I kept looking at Little Squirrel wondering "whose kid is this???" During the math tutorial Little Squirrel impressed her teacher with some advanced skills, so for a moment I was thinking she was just trying to drive me crazy at home with this 9+?=10 nonsense, but when faced with the same equation that makes me pull my hair out at home, Little Squirrel was again baffled. But, being a professional, her teacher did not pull her hair out over it, of course. She showed us some good math exercise games to do at home and hopefully one day, maybe in the middle of an advanced trigonometry problem, Little Squirrel will have a light bulb moment and exclaim, "ONE! The answer is ONE!"

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