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Just a little nuts
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Evaluation: Good news/Bad news

Good news: she's still autistic! Bad news: she's still autistic! I'm torn over this because if she's NOT autistic, then I am crazy...and imagining everything. And that would be over 5 years of imagining.

I didn't have to worry about having to "prove it" because Little Squirrel gave them a show right out of the box. Normally I would be nervous about her acting like that around strangers but FOR ONCE, I was happy to see her rolling, and rocking, and writhing, and repeating the same thing over and over.

What I said about God leading me toward what Little Squirrel needs holds true: we got a good doctor. And he's not going to send us back through the same ol' brush-brush, swing-swing OT routine. Just what I was hoping to hear: we're going to address the social problems first, by attending social skills classes! I didn't know such a thing existed or that we'd be eligible. He also advised we go back to the psychiatrist for another eval and start talking meds. Years ago I would have said no way. But if meds can help her succeed in school and build positive social skills, I am willing to try. And if meds will help her one day move out and live on her own--I say bring on the pills!

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