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Just a little nuts
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Car talk

In the car after school:
Little Squirrel: "I want to talk about school."
Me: "Okay."
Little Squirrel: "Say it."
Me: "What?"
Little Squirrel: "Say it!" (getting angry)
Me: "What do you want me to say?"
Little Squirrel: "Say, 'did you...'"
(Oh! then I knew I was supposed to ask a question but then had to figure out which one)
Me: "Did you...have a happy day?"
..........(waiting, while she determined if the question was suitable)......
Little Squirrel: "Uh huh. Especially at recess."
(A clue!)
Me: "Did you play with kids at recess?"
Little Squirrel: "Yeah!" (then she told about playing some sort of monster version of hide and seek and tag with her friend Alison and their autistic sidekick Eduardo)

I wish I could say the conversation ended well, but it devolved in its usual way of her getting frustrated trying to find the words to tell me something, then getting mad and yelling "I don't want to talk about it! Quit making me talk!" -- even though she brought it up. I can't win...

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  1. This exact same scenario happens in my car with my boy in our own bizarrio world too. I am on eggshells when he starts trying to talk or asking me to talk to hiim about his day because it always goes the same as this. On a particularly good day, the weirdness of it amuses me :)