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Just a little nuts
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Next time it's Halloween

I got a hand me down Halloween outfit (glitter pumpkin shirt/candy corn pants) for next year, and when Little Squirrel said, "but we had Halloween already," I replied, "this is for next time it's Halloween...and you'll be six." Innocent enough right? (Just trying to put some perspective on the time frame, and growing, and bigger sizes, etc) But what Little Squirrel heard was, "next time it's Halloween you'll be six." And the key to this misunderstanding is that to Little Squirrel, "next time" means tomorrow, because she hates the word tomorrow for some reason. So now she's freaking out because she was begging for her bath time and bed so she can wake up and be six tomorrow and in every manner of speaking I can think of, I have told her NO. So now she's pissed tomorrow will not be her birthday and she will not be turning six before Willow after all (the idea of beating Willow to six was very appealing). Even though she's very upset, I think she finally understands. Maybe. But I might have to throw her a birthday party tomorrow anyway, because I give up.

ps. her birthday is in the summer

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