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Just a little nuts
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Hola amigo

Went to the zoo with BFF Willow. Highlights were the seals and the cheetah and when Little Squirrel approached a Hispanic family announcing that they 'say Spanish' and yelling 'hola amigo' at them and then loudly announcing her observation that 'they all have brown skin!', at which point I noticed that EVERYONE around us had brown skin, AND they were ALL staring at us...and then we ran.

The reason this is so ridiculous is because for her whole life Little Squirrel has gone to daycare and preschool with kids and teachers of all colors, many spanish speakers. One of her best friends is half Japanese/black. And it wasn't until that moment at the zoo that she finally noticed her skin was different and decided to comment on it TO EVERYONE.

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