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Just a little nuts
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

ABA covered by Medicaid and other news

I got a postcard in the mail saying that starting January 2013 Washington Medicaid will begin covering ABA services. This is interesting news. But now the trick is finding a place that will actually take Medicaid. ha! I emailed the closest local place to see if they will take Medicaid in 2013. Waiting for a reply. They seem to have a wider philosophy toward therapies, an individualized approach. I think that could be worth a try. All of our OT experiences have been very text book, and Little Squirrel has a lot of gray areas that they couldn't get to. She gets an individualized approach from school due to the IEP, but that's geared toward her behavior AT SCHOOL, and it's her behavior when she's NOT in school that's the bigger issue now. Like what you may ask? Oh let's see, the incessant kissing noise she's been making for months now. Her compulsion to talk to and touch every stranger we see. Her compulsion to kiss strange dogs on the face. Her panic and frantic behavior in all social events involving other children (desperate to participate and frantic to be first, panicked about being left out, etc. which results in shoving, grabbing, playing dictator over all social play to the extent other kids run away, etc), and don't get me started on the irrational fears of food and shadows.

After a few piano lessons Little Squirrel's teacher commented that Little Squirrel shows a gift with music, which is kind of cool to hear since that is always what I have thought.

We ran into Little Squirrel's old teacher from the public school early intervention preschool program, the one whose class Little Squirrel was in for 2 years, the one in charge of Little Squirrel's IEP for the last 2 years, and get this...she couldn't remember Little Squirrel's name! Yep. That happened.

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