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Just a little nuts
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Introduction to The Learning Support Room

The Learning Support room is modern lingo for "special ed." It's not the special ed of decades past, however. Little Squirrel doesn't have any cognitive impairments when it comes to reading, writing, math, etc. In fact she's advanced, if not on the edge of gifted. What special ed provides these days came as quite a surprise to me, in a good way, because it's exactly what Little Squirrel needs.

For 15 minutes each day Little Squirrel goes to the Learning Support room to practice classroom etiquette, responding appropriately to teacher signals, sitting beside someone without touching or bothering them, etc. This is a vital component of the day. Without these skills, a kid like Little Squirrel with exceptional abilities would never be able to advance academically. Special Ed has come a long way. Yay, for special ed!

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