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Just a little nuts
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Just" is a "girl noise"

For months I've been wondering what in the world a "girl noise" is, as I am often accused of making Little Squirrel make "a girl noise," in moments of her (or our) anger or frustration. There is usually some mystery phrase like this that circulates our daily life. The last one was "don't say that to both kids," which would be yelled in anger, and it took me and others in our life a long time to determine the provocation. Turns out "don't say that to both kids!" was because she didn't like it when more than one person was talking at once, and especially not when the voices were saying similar things, such as in giving her praise, or instruction, or making an observation, at the same time. The greatest culprit of this was Grandma, since the phrase came to include, "don't say that to both kids like Grandma!" This make sense since Grandma is the most likely person we know to be constantly talking.

And now after hearing about this mysterious "girl noise" for so long I have finally been given a clue: apparently, the word "just" is a girl noise. I'm still not sure why, but at least that narrows it down.

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